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Work Study Application

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Work Study Guidelines

The student must:

  • Be a currently registered student at Pine Forge Academy
  • Be computer literate
  • Have good English language skills
  • Be available to work at least two Sundays per month
  • Have a valid work permit


How to Apply

The student must:

  • Complete and submit the application form
  • The student must submit an essay to include:
    1. Their unique abilities and academic goals
    2. Previous work experience
    3. Their accomplishments
    4. Why he or she thinks they are a good candidate for the position
    5. An application will be required each year


The student will:

  • Demonstrate the highest integrity
  • Be time conscious
  • Use good communication skills
  • Remain a student at Pine Forge Academy
  • Follow the work schedule as given by the work supervisor
  • Submit valid confirmation for valid medical or other urgent unexpected reasons to miss work
  • Sign in and out on the official time reporting sheet


Click here to download the Work Study APPLICATION Form.  


Click here to download the Luther R. Palmer Jr. Student EVALUATION Form



  • Supervisor of work study program is an excellent resume reference for college
  • Student earns money to help fund their Pine Forge Academy education
  • Student is financially involved with ownership of their education
  • Student can work on campus and become familiar with other students
  • Student will have flexible work hours to participate around their class schedule
  • Working with other students will increase communication and relationship skills
  • Work study income will not affect applying for academic scholarships
  • Future employees are often impressed by students who have work study experience
  • Student will develop excellent time-management skills
  • Opportunity for student to develop excellent leadership skills
  • Work experience provides opportunity for student to explore various interests for their college major and career path


Reasons for Termination

A student may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Poor attendance, i.e., unexcused absences, too many excused absences and frequent tardiness
  • Poor work performance and/or attitude
  • Becoming un-enrolled from the Academy
  • Unsatisfactory report from the work supervisor
  • Failure to meet dress code requirements


Pine Forge Academy reserves the right to recommend the termination of any worker who fails to follow school policies as outlined in the Student Handbook, including signing out to work off campus.