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Work-Study Donation Fund

About the Work Study Donation Fund                                                                                       

  • The PFA Foundation Work Study Fund will make it possible for students who want to work to get a job.
  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Luther R. Palmer, Jr., Work Study program as long as their grades are not affected.
  • PFA students will have first-hand work experiences in the real world that allow them to interact with local community businesses and organizations.
  • Through connecting with business leaders, mentors and role-models, they will be able to identify and continue exploring their career interests.
  • Work Study students will be further empowered with increased self-esteem and a sense of financial responsibility when helping to finance their education.
  • The Luther R. Palmer, Jr., Work Study Program promotes partnerships, social consciousness, business mentoring and good-will with businesses in the community.


PFA Foundation Donation Fund Objectives

  • To provide a broad range of job opportunities which will help provide students with transferable job skills, personal growth, leadership, networking, and feeling a sense of belonging at the Pine Forge Academy community.
  • To provide students with employment opportunities that not only provide them with experience, but help them contribute to what is a vital part of the Foundation’s daily operations
  • To foster student career development through a variety of employment options along with programs that will enhance what they learn on the job
  • To give student employees the opportunity to unite with the Foundation and play an integral part in its overall mission to provide scholarships, quality educational programs and support the initiatives of Pine Forge Academy
  • To give student employees the opportunity to become an invaluable asset to the work study program by inspiring other students to emulate their work ethics and study habits

Pay it Forward … Support our Students!


As a donor to the work study program, you are making it possible for student employees to gain significant experience that will forever help their future careers.  Your donation of $10 per month or more, demonstrates that together, we value our students and everything they bring to their jobs on a daily basis.


Click Here to download the PFAF Work Study Donor Form.