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About Us

Our Purpose

The Foundation’s purpose is to provide a global asset base for the Academy and to ensure it has the physical structures, academic programs, technology and professional faculty to transform students into global leaders of tomorrow.  The Pine Forge Academy Foundation exists to become the premier private school foundation and organization for raising and disseminating funds for the advancement of Pine Forge Academy, one of only three remaining African-American coed boarding academies in the United States.  Pine Forge Academy has a distinguished 71 year history of providing excellent education for minority youth in grades 9th through 12th. 


Delivering On Our Mission                                                                                             

We are governed by a cohesive Board of Directors who share a commitment to the goals and objectives of the Foundation charter and its work on behalf of all academy students.

Our board members have repeatedly proven their leadership ability and dedication to PFAF’s mission, goals and objectives.  Each member is bound by their unfaltering commitment to support minority high school students so they get a good education and live a better life.  PFAF is heartened by the mutual concern of its board members who are always ready to address issues, share resources and information.  Each member is positioned as catalysts and strategists in strengthening relationships with the staff, sponsors, scholars, volunteers, businesses and the community at large.

Our board effectively governs the work of the Foundation and provides oversight to ensure that its mission is implemented effectively and ethically. Our board also supports the Foundation to ensure that it has sufficient resources to carry out its work.   Each year, at our annual retreat, we review our progress and challenge ourselves to deliver. we care about the well-being of each student

In order to achieve success in today’s challenging environment, our organization intends to share insights, effectively handle its responsibilities and work together as a team for the betterment and progress of the PFA community and its initiatives.


Foundation History and Background

Pine Forge Academy has a long history of providing financial aid through scholarship awards to students.   Each academic year and over time, the total value of the scholarships has increased. Traditionally, scholarships are awarded to returning and graduating students during Graduation Day ceremonies and often times at the Homecoming

The  PFA Scholarship Committee, consisting of the school administration, faculty and designated representatives, determines and recommends the students who will be awarded scholarships based on meeting the scholarship criteria established by each scholarship benefactor.

In the fall of 2004, the Pine Forge Academy Board of Directors voted to move the administration of the Scholarship Program to the Pine Forge Academy Foundation.  Under the skillful management of the Foundation, it ensures the Scholarship Program continues to comply with all federal and state tax laws.  The Foundation also oversees the endowment funds and investment accounts of the collective funds held for the benefit of Pine Forge Academy.  The Academy boasts a 100% graduation and college admission rate with many national and internationally renowned and distinguished alumni.

The scholarship selection process remains a responsibility of Pine Forge Academy through the Scholarship Committee of the Academy.  The recommendations of the Scholarship Committee are then forwarded to the Foundation’s Endowment and Scholarship Committee to audit the recommendation and make certain that all recipients are fully qualified based on the Benefactor’s criteria.  An official action of the Foundation’s Endowment and Scholarship Committee is required to initiate a Foundation board action approving the funds transfer to the Academy.  Scholarships will not be awarded without a prior review and recommendations from the Foundation’s Scholarship and Endowment Committee to the its Board of Directors.          


We care about each student….


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