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Criteria For Judging Contestants

Students must dress the part portraying the original speaker appropriately.

They must apply beforehand to be eligeble to enter the contest.

Jamir Gates

Vocal Delivery

  • Clarity of Speech: Degree to which words are clearly articulated and understood
  • Diction and Pronunciation: Degree to which words are properly pronounced
  • Consistent Volume Control: Degree to which contestant controls variation of pitch and audibility; projection
  • Fluidity of Speech: Appropriate use of pauses, punctuation, intonation, modulation of tone

Alex’Us Roberson

Emotional Delivery

  • Pathos: Degree of passion with which the speech is delivered
  • Emotion: Degree of emotional expression; variation of emotional expression
  • Element of Persuasion: Degree of conviction demonstrated in the delivery of the speech
  • Engagement of Audience: Degree to which speaker is able to maintain the audience’s interest

Marquan Sirls

Physical Delivery

  • Gestures, Poise and Posture: Appropriate use of hands, body, facial expressions; demeanor
  • Mobility: Appropriate use of space in delivery
  • Eye Contact: Degree to which visual connection with audience is maintained
  • Tempo: Appropriate rhythm is established and maintained

Joseph Smittick


  • Level of Memorization: Degree to which the entire speech is committed to memory
  • Reflect mood of original occasion: Degree to which audience is transported to the appropriate time period
  • Capture intention/conviction of original speaker: Degree of success in fulfilling the aim and purpose of the original speaker
  • Level of Ownership: Degree to which contestant personalizes and owns the speech