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Champions For Education

Advancing Education For Pine Forge Academy Students

Our Champions For Education make it possible for the Foundation to impact lives by providing scholarships for tuition and other basic educational needs so students make attend PFA and have excellent learning experiences in an enriched environment.


PFA Foundation is exceedingly proud to recognize individuals for their extraordinary commitment to ensuring that Pine Forge Academy students have a chance to succeed in school, receive an exceptional education, live a fulfilled and meaningful life, and make a positive contribution to the world.


These caring, phenomenal individuals make it possible for the Foundation to transform the lives of minority young adults not only with their generous financial gifts, but also with the donation of their time, talent and tireless energy. Many of the experiences and opportunities made possible by the Foundation continue because these unheralded individuals put our students first through collaboration, innovation and sharing of resources.


The champions we honor are advocates for education. Through their individual efforts, they serve and influence the future of the Academy and our Foundationbecause their commitment is steeped in education, leadership and vision.


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