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Pine Forge Academy Graduate On National Championship All-Star Team

Oakwood University’s Honda All Stars Win Championship! Pictured (standing, l-r) are David Knight, vice president of Student Services, Caleb Briggs, Joshua Nwaoho, Oliva Campbell, Mrs. Andrienne Matthews, assistant VP for Student Services.Seated (l-r) are Dr. Rennae Elliot, chairman of the Department of Communication, and Sesly Huerfano. After 24 amazing rounds of play during the 2017

A Hidden Gem: Pine Forge Academy Sends 98 Percent of Its Students to College, Creates Leaders in Service to Black People

Pine Forge Academy Excellence in education — in Black education — is in great abundance at Pine Forge Academy. At a time when the African-American community expresses its concern about the education of its children and their future development, there is a model of success in a private boarding school in Pennsylvania. And this success

Pine Forge Academy’s Class of 1966 Looks Back with Pride

By Matthew Nojiri DOUGLASS TOWNSHIP, PA. Barry Black remembers the pure awe of seeing the night sky from Pine Forge Academy for the first time. Five decades later, that feeling endures. “Coming out of the inner city of Baltimore, this was Shangri-La,” he said. “The rural beauty of this place, the mountains, the river Manatawny,

Pine Forge Academy Continues to Change with the Times

By Gabbie O’Grady DOUGLASS TOWNSHIP, PA. – Over seven decades, Pine Forge Academy’s mission has grown and evolved, changing with the times to prepare students for college and beyond. Indeed, times have changed for the academy, a private Seventh-day Adventist school in rural Pine Forge, Douglass Township. The school, which opened in 1946 on land once