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Thank You

Dear Donor:


The Pine Forge Academy Foundation Board of Directors deeply appreciates your contribution. Your generosity will directly benefit our efforts to support Foundation programs that serve to benefit the mission and initiatives of Pine Forge Academy.    


Our Foundation embraces a philosophy of a good Christian education that combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment. Everyone involved strives to provide the leadership necessary to graduate students who are good citizens and life-long learners. Through mutually providing service, we continue to honor the remarkable history of the Academy to the present day.


It is with your commitment that we are able to achieve today’s success and plan for many future successes. Through excellence and hard work, the one constant of the Foundation is commitment to progress and making the Academy’s community environment a place of honor.  We strive to demonstrate our leadership and dedication to the students and families of the Academy. 


Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent under the law.   We are heartened by your donation and grateful everything you do.  The Foundation looks forward to working with you to continue its indelible legacy of giving, caring and concern for Pine Forge Academy. 



Edward Pelote, MD
President and COO
The Pine Forge Academy Foundation
Board of Directors


Pine Forge Academy Foundation Inc. has a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax code designation since April 2004.  The Foundation’s EIN number is 38-3689114.
Phone: 216.851.1018  /  Fax: 216.852.2010  /  [email protected]  /  www.pfafoundation.org