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Annual Giving


Investing in Our Students

Individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations and alumni give to the PFA Foundation in a number of different ways that help provide program support to Pine Forge Academy and work toward accomplishing the mission of making Pine Forge Academy an educational institutiono where an African-American  high-school student can get a quality Christian education.

We are making a special appeal to you to please follow your instincts and make a donation to the PFA Foundation as you consider your end of year giving plans.  Together, we can uphold our pledge to assist Pine Forge Academy and open doors to life-changing opportunities.



Cash Gifts: Cash contributions are the most common method of payment for the variety of programs that PFA Foundation supports. Annual giving dollars contribute to special programs that are not funded through other sources of revenue that include our emergency fund and work-study program.


Gifts of Securities: Because of the many benefits afforded charitable gifts under the federal tax laws, you may wish to consider giving stock or other securities to honor a pledge or make an annual contribution to PFA Foundation. In many instances, these charitable gifts can help you achieve other estate planning goals as well.


What do annual gifts support?

Annual gifts are a critical source of operational revenue and are used in the year received. They allow the Foundation to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of students. These gifts provide much-needed dollars for wide-ranging initiatives such as student scholarships, student travel, student tutoring, funding for student advancement and the Barry Black Oratorical Contest.  For these reasons, annual giving continues to be one of the Foundation’s top priorities.


When will I be solicited?

Annual Giving campaign takes at the end of each calendar year.  Funds raised are used within that calendar year.  You will receive an annual appeal letter and phone calls seeking your support.  However, you may make your commitment to give at any time during the year.


 How may I direct my gift?

Many of the gifts received by the Foundation are designated to a particular college, school, department or program. When you get a call from our student callers, you may designate to the area(s) you would like to support. If you are unsure how to direct your gift, our student callers can tell you how this gift can be used and will help you identify a specific designation of your choice. Typically, current donors have a history of giving to specific areas, but we encourage everyone to make the most immediate needs of Northern a priority.

If you have additional questions or need further information, the student caller will forward these to the call center manager. The manager will forward the question to the appropriate person for prompt follow-up.


How will my gift be used?

As the donor, you decide how your gift will be used.  Our financial department monitor the spending of these gifts as well as the account balance.  You will also receive a confirmation of your designation in the “thank you” letter and receipt sent to you by the Foundation.

If the funds are unrestricted, they are used to cover costs to support initiatives for which other funding may not be available. Unrestricted funds provide a pool of available resources that can easily be directed to where they are needed most.


How can I make an annual gift?

You may make an annual gift at any time. If you have not received a recent phone call or mailing, simply contact the annual giving program at the Foundation. You can also visit the Foundation Website to make an online gift.

Download Annual Giving Form.


Phone: 615.406.7374  Fax: 610.326.3946

E-mail: edwardpelotemd@pfafoundation.org  or [email protected]

To give online, visit: www.pfafoundation.org

Also keep in mind that the company you work for may have a matching gifts program.  Please start by checking with your company’s human resources department for additional information. This is an easy and exciting way to enlarge the impact of your own gift, providing support at double or even triple the amount of your gift!