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For a list of available scholarships, please contact the

PFA Business Office at 610-326-5800

Advancing Dreams and Aspirations

One of the most pressing needs at Pine Forge Academy today is funding for scholarships. PFAF Scholarships allow deserving students to attain their educational goals, meet their professional objectives and succeed to their fullest ability. In addition, PFA Foundation scholarships enable the students to take advantage of opportunities to gain a higher education and become contributing citizens in society.


Apply Now For A Scholarship


August 31st is the deadline for submitting applications, 


Click here to download the 2017-18 scholarship application.

Click here to download student application helpful hints.

IMPORTANT:  The PFA Foundation does not accept applications at its office.

All applications must be mailed to the PFA Principal/Headmaster’s Office.

Pine Forge Academy
Attention: PFA Principal’s/Headmaster’s Office
P.O. Box 338
Pine Forge Road
Pine Forge, Pennsylvania 19548