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Marguerite Dixon, PhD

Honoring A Champion For Education … Dr. Marguerite Dixon

Dr. Marguerite Dixon_2916 Alumna

2016 Alumna of the Year …. Dr. Marguerite Dixon, was the honored recipient of the 2016 National Pine Forge Academy Alumni Association for her generous contributions and exemplary service in 2016 and previous years which have been a great benefit to the Academy and the Foundation. 


Inspired to Give Back:  An Interview with Dr. Marguerite Dixon


Graduate of First Pine Forge Academy Class Gives Back In Numerous Ways Over The Years

When Pine Forge Academy opened its doors in September, 1946, Marguerite Dixon was there.  The  oldest of seven children, she was a member of the school„s inaugural senior class at this predominately Black boarding school nestled in the rolling hills of Berks County, Pennsylvania. Dixon was the first in her family to go away to school.  However, her six sisters and brothers followed the trail that she pioneered and also went on to achieve personal and professional success.  Now that the 86-year-old nursing educator is “happily retired,” as she calls it, she has again focused her energy on the academy — an institution with high standards for excellence and a commitment to producing well-balanced leaders.   “Pine Forge Academy was great for my family. Without the school, I don’t know what we would have done,” she said. “My father was killed in a traffic accident in the second half of my senior year at Pine Forge. My mother was left with seven children,” she said.  “Nevertheless, I graduated Pine Forge, and so did my siblings.”


Dixon fondly remembers her days as a teenager and her first opportunity to leave home, even before going to college. “It was different and exciting,” she said. “It was just the transition I needed to help prepare me for college.”


Because of the benefits realized in her own family, Dixon said she wants to work to ensure that the legacy of Pine Forge continues and that the institution has the resources it needs to maintain its excellent standards for generations to come.   That means raising money to help enhance facilities,  becoming a scholarship benefactor and sharing her many resources.