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Victoria Franklin

Board Member
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Victoria Franklin was born in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in “The City of Angels” with her family. She grew up in Riverside and began her early education at La Sierra University Lab School. During her first year of High School, her older sister, Donna, went to Pine Forge Academy and came home with wonderful, exciting and inspirational experiences and events taking place at the school. Victoria went to PFA the following year and fell totally in love with the Pine Forge experience! She attributes her love and passion for education and being a lifelong learner to her time spent on the “Hills of Rolling Green.” Victoria continued her higher education and completed her undergrad degree in Speech Pathology/Audiology and Communicative Disorders at Loma Linda University. She began her professional career as a Speech and Language Clinician and later went into other areas as a Special Educator, Resource Specialist and English Second Language Instructor. Victoria went on to earn a graduate degree in Educational Administration, advancing her career and passion for educating young minds and developing future leaders. She currently has a private practice in Speech Language Pathology with a focus in treating clients with Autism and foreign accent reduction.    

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