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Dr. Roland Hill, Chair

Fund Development Committee
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Dr. Roland Hill is an exceptional spiritual leader, educator, team builder, and motivator with a proven track record of helping organizations meet and exceed their goals and objectives. He's known as a pastor, professor and stewardship director. He has a talent for quickly assessing organizational problems and recommending solutions. Dr. Hill is a motivational speaker having conducted hundreds of presentations seminars and workshops for diverse cultural settings. Dr. Hill is a community builder with years of experience in working as a liaison with churches, educational institutions, and community. Dr. Hill is known for his writing skills and has authored 18 books as well as many articles for professional journals and proposals. His professional experience includes 40 years of ministry, a professor with nine years higher educational teaching experience, conducted over 500 presentations on family finance, money communications, entrepreneurship stewardship, and church finance. Dr. Hill has over 37 years of experience as CEO/COO of a nonprofit organization. He has managed four church construction projects over one million dollars, has designed and implemented community youth entrepreneurial programs, has raised more than $1 million for the Texas conference of SDA, and the director of development for comprehensive Stewardship Systems for churches. Dr. Hill has a doctorate of Ministry degree with emphasis on Theo-Economics and Stewardship. Dr. Hill has a bachelor’s of Arts degree from Oakland University, a Masters of Divinity from Andrews University, Doctor of Ministry from Reformed Theological Seminary as well as a Doctorate from the Dallas Theological Seminary.

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