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Pine Forge Academy Graduate On National Championship All-Star Team

Oakwood University’s Honda All Stars Win Championship!

Pictured (standing, l-r) are David Knight, vice president of Student Services, Caleb Briggs, Joshua Nwaoho, Oliva Campbell, Mrs. Andrienne Matthews, assistant VP for Student Services.Seated (l-r) are Dr. Rennae Elliot, chairman of the Department of Communication, and Sesly Huerfano.

After 24 amazing rounds of play during the 2017 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Championship in Torrance, California, the scholars from Oakwood University have emerged as National Champions. This is their third national title after consecutive wins in 2008 and 2009. Led by high scorer Sesly Huerfano (seated, right), the Ambassadors swept through the Championship series without a single loss! Bowie State University acquitted themselves capably as well, marking their first appearance in the Finals. Both teams exemplified the spirit of good sportspersonship and fair play.

The Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) was established in 1989 to showcase the academic excellence of HBCU students, in which over 120,000 students have participated. HCASC is a great game and much more: players widen their scope of knowledge, learn teamwork, sportsmanship, travel and represent their schools, become friends with school officials, including presidents, bond with their fellow competitors and develop relationships that make them, as the HCASC motto says, “Friends for Life.” These friends form a vast network of support during their school days and beyond.

Honda supports HBCUs because of their unique and critical role in higher education, helping millions of students achieve their dreams. More than $8 million in grants from Honda have provided support for scholarships, facility upgrades, and other investments to improve the student experience. Because of this win, Oakwood University will receive $75,000.

The Oakwood family welcomed the team back to campus at a rally on the lawn of the Eva B. Dykes Library on Wednesday afternoon.

Joshua, Caleb, Olivia and Sesly with the 2017 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Championship Trophy. Oakwood University will also receive a $75,000 grant for this win.

Olivia Campbell, pictured above, is a graduate of Pine Forge Academy, Class of 2013, and a proud member of the Oakwood University National Championship team.

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