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Lawrance Martin

Board Member
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Lawrance Martin has held several positions within the accounting field for more than 30 years.  He is currently the Treasurer of the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Association. In this capacity, he works with a number of church and community-based committees and boards. He is currently involved in a multi-year, multi-million dollar program to improve and expand the conference properties located in Pine Forge, PA.  Prior to this assignment, he served as Under-Treasurer of the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Assistant Secretary, and Allegheny East Conference Association.  He has also held positions as Treasurer, Family Health Education Service FHES), Assistant Treasurer, Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and an accountant at CBI Industries in Oakbrook, Illinois.  He began his career as an accountant, at the Lake Region conference of Seventh-day Adventist in Chicago. Mr. Martin is a Certified Public accountant Exam (CPA) and has a certification in Data Processing from Temple University.  He has a BS in Business Administration and Accounting from Oakwood College.  He is active in his professional community with memberships in the HCPA (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants), IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), AMA (American Management Association), and the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Mr. Martin serves on the following committees: North American Division Regional Retirement Negotiating Task force, North American Division Remunerations Strategy Task force, North American Division Accounting Manual Committee, North American Division Audit Affairs Committee, and Regional Conferences Retirement Plan Board.  He Chairs the Regional Conferences Retirement Plan Investment Committee. His leadership is evidenced by his service as Head Elder and Treasurer of the Walnut Street Community SDA Church in Pottstown, PA.  He serves as the School Board Chairman and Treasurer for the Pine Forge Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School in Pine Forge. He also serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the WC Atkinson Community Service Center, Inc., and WC Atkinson Investments, Inc. in Coatesville, PA.  Mr. Martin resides in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania, with his wife of 16 years, Kim. They have three children---Latisha, Joshua, and Katelyn, and one grandson, Isaiah.

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