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Dr. Edward Pelote

President & COO
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Dr. Edward Pelote is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Pine Forge Academy Foundation (PFAF).  He was born in 1956 and raised is Savannah, GA.   He was a studious child and is a proud, 1974 graduate of Pine Forge Academy where the Pelote family legacy continues to flourish.  Five of his nine siblings attended the Academy and his four children are also Pine Forge Academy graduates.   Dr. Pelote dedicates a majority of his time and resources to the high school where he has an enduring history.  Prior to his current role as the Foundation President, Dr. Pelote served as President of the Pine Forge Academy Parents’ Association.  He has been an active Foundation board member for more than a decade and is a current member of the PFA Board of Trustees.  His unwavering dedication to empower and advance young people through education drives him to selflessly serve the Academy.  His commitment continues to thrive and is stronger today than ever before.   Dr. Pelote attended Oakwood University, earning a B.S. degree in Chemistry and a B.S. degree in Biology. He then studied medicine at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee where he earned his MD.  He is a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine and has also managed Emergency Medicine groups. His medical career, spanning more than three decades, has taken place in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida. Dr. Pelote served as the ER Director of the Crockett Medical Center and Chief of Staff at the Tennessee Medical Center.  He founded the Pelote Management Company for the purpose of providing Physicians for emergency health care needs.  Dr. Pelote joined a multi-specialty group and has served at the AC York VA Hospital and Clinic as an attending physician and on the faculty, supervising internal medicine residents.   Dr. Pelote has received meaningful tributes and recognitions throughout his life.  Both he and his son were Pine Forge Academy students of the year, Edward, II in 2010 and Dr. Pelote in 1974.  In 1986, he was inducted in the Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Society and is a national member of Who’s Who Among Top Doctors, listed in both Nashville, TN and Fort Pierce, FL.  He is an active volunteer for worthy causes in the Nashville community.  He also volunteered in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake devastation.   Dr. Pelote currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with Shelley, his wife of 33 years.  Their children include Leslie Pelote Oputa, Erica Pelote, Michelle Pelote Behrmann, and Edward Pelote, II.  Both he and his son were Pine Forge Academy students of the year.  Edward, II in 2010 and Dr. Pelote in 1974.  Dr. Pelote and his sister, Attorney Phyllis Pelote-Edmonds, were named the PFA “2014 Alumna and Alumnus of the Year,” an honor bestowed for the first time con-currently on a brother and sister.  Dr. Pelote is an active church member and youth leader.  He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys golf, water and snow skiing, his farm and camping.

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