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Robert Booker, Chair

Communications & Marketing Committee
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Robert L. Booker most recently served the Allegheny East Conference as Assistant to the Office of the President, Director of Church Ministries, Director of Communication Technology.  He sat on the following committees; the Administrative Committee, the Media Committee, the Inner City Committee, and as the chair of the Church Ministries Committee. He has previously served as the Director of Education for Allegheny East Conference and as a teacher and registrar for Pine Forge Academy. He has served as a member of the North American Division Board of Higher and Secondary Education, the Columbia Union College Board of Trustees, the Columbia Union Board of Education, The Columbia Union School Administrators Council, The Pine Forge Academy Board of Trustees, The North American Division Marketing and Research Consortium, the North American Division Children’s Ministries Advisory, the North American Division Communication Advisory, and the Society of Adventists Communicators. He held membership in the American Association of School Administrators. He held membership in the prestigious Religious Conference Management Association until December 2014. Robert Books is an ordained minister, and is married to the former Audrey E. Fordham, a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  They have two children and three grandchildren.

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